A glowing mother to be.

The morning of this beautiful mother-to-be's photo-shoot a fire in the east bay had cast a post apocalyptic haze in San Francisco. The only thing missing where the zombies roaming the streets. I messaged her early in the morning to see if she wanted to reschedule otherwise we were going to get sepia toned pictures. We decided to carry on until the weather in San Francisco turned. An orange day became a misty and boarderline drizzly day. Especially in Golden Gate Park where we had planned to shoot.

We agreed to move the shoot to Walnut Creek. Best decision ever. First off the weather was amazing. Second the rose gardens in Walnut Creek are gorgeous. It was the perfect time of day for light add two amazing subjects and the result is breathtaking pictures. I could not be happier for this mother and father to be.

Simply, Beautiful, Affordable

Photography by Vee

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