Texas Capitol - Best Friends

It hard for me to say how long I've know this amazing pair of ladies without dating myself, so I am going to just say that I have known them for the better part of my life. While the three of us no longer live in the same city we have a bond that goes back to our formative years and every time we get together it is like we are back the halls of our middle school.

We planned at trip to the ever happening city of Austin, Texas. We schedule sometime to go down to the beautiful State Capitol Building and take their best friend pictures. The jokes and the laughs just kept rolling the entire time.

I started my career as a photographer asking friends to let me take their pictures and I still find these pictures to be the most rewarding. I often say that I enjoy photography so much that I don't consider it a job, especially not when I get to laugh as hard as I did on this shoot.

Thank you to my beautiful friends for these special memories and all of our special memories.

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Photography by Vee


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