Best session ever!

I met Nairie at a bridal shower I photographed in August. I remember it was such a busy month for me that I almost turned down the job, I am so glad I didn’t. Months later she contacted me to take her engagement pictures. Most engagement sessions are 1-2 hours, she wanted 5. My first thoughts were how can someone be happy for 5 hours, challenge accepted. Only it wasn’t a challenge.

I met Nairie and her fiancé David met at San Francisco City Hall were they picked up their marriage license. Once all the paperwork was signed and the license issued we proceeded to the third floor of the building. If you haven’t had a reason to go to into city hall, just go for no reason. The inside of the building is just as beautiful as the outside. We captured some beautiful images in the building using the natural light that comes in from the tiled windows. We made and obligatory stop outside the art deco doors and David swept her off of her feet across the street. About this time I knew this photoshoot was going to be a blast.

We made stops at the ferry building, Lyon Street Steps, Andy Goldworthy’s Woodline and Fort Point. From start to finish the smiles were none stop. Nairie and David are such a perfectly matched couple that every interaction between them was fluid and natural, I was so lucky to be able to capture their relationship.

“Perfect thank you Vee! Can't thank you both enough for our experience!!”

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